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Our Vision.

To secure the recognition of the Association as the official representative of the Dormitory industry by the general public, professional bodies, regulatory agencies and authorities whose interest extends to development, design and build, management and operation, maintenance, cleaning, housekeeping and allied trades


To promote and encourage uniformity in the standards and practice in the conduct of the Dormitory industry to promote just and honourable practice in the conduct of business and to suppress malpractice;


To promote means and measures to maintain and improve the standards of the Dormitory industry.

Our Benchmark.

To develop a set of standards for all dormitory association members, so that through these standards, accommodation for foreign workers are clean, hygienic and equitable to proper housing provision.

Mission Statement.

To promote membership from businesses and enterprises in the Dormitory industry providing directly or indirectly building, part of a building and rooms with sleeping accommodation housing a number of people in need of these facilities.

What we do.

Since its inception on 18 September 2012, DASL has sought to consistently improve the standards for dormitory housing and living. We aim to be the industry's collective voice, promote and encourage uniformity in its practices and conduct.


The Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower, Mr. Hawazi Daipi, witnessed the inauguration of DASL. At the launch, a basic standard draft was officially signed by the main dormitory operators. Together, they form the 1st Council of the Association. Henceforth, the standards have been refined and submitted to Spring Singapore for certification. Once this is achieved, the standards will be the main benchmark of dormitory operating standards across Singapore.


Besides, the Association is also front for negotiations between members and relevant government and non-government agencies eg: Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of National Development (MND), Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Building and Control Authority BCA), Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) amongst others. Through such processes, ideas are being discussed and solutions found to resolve any long term operation and policy issues fronting operators. Thus it is a win-win process for all parties.


DASL's primary aim is to protect the interest of all Dormitory Operators, at the same time, ensure workers' welfare is cared for through better living standards and recreational facilities within the dormitories. With better living standards, the physical and psychological well-being of workers improve and so does his productivity.



“As we carry on the fight against #COVID19, I want to thank all of you once again for your commitment and sacrifices. No amount of 'Thank Yous' will be enough. Thanks also to your families and friends given your long hours at times at CEC to get this up at record speed.” Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Zaqy Mohamad visited the Changi Exhibition Centre Community Care and Recovery facility, where he thanked staff and medical workers for their commitment and contributions to the national fight against COVID-19. Safe distancing measures were enforced throughout the visit.

Ministry of Defence, MINDEF