Diary of Events.


​Dormitory Association of Singapore Limited (DASL) supports our members in their participation in holistic activity.


Interaction among members, general discussion of activities undertaken by DASL, previous year happenings and future pla


This dialogue set the stage according to MOM for a new regulatory framework governing dormitory operators and operations which will be announced at the end of 2014, effective early 2015.  The issues ranges from:  recreational facilities, providing catered food as against self-cooking, prices of items sold in dormitory mini marts, laundry etc. etc.  MOM indicated that after the annual budget debate in Mar 14, they will begin a series of official consultation with DASL on these.


Following salient points discussed:

  1. Redistribution of foreign workers congregation

  2. Additional quota for cleaners

  3. Better use of retail spaces

  4. Registration of foreign worker’s residential address with MOM


More than 60 representatives from members’ companies attended this event.  SPF did a screening of the crime prevention video titled “The Choice”. This was followed by an information sharing session on what are public order issues, type of crowd, ringleaders, report of facts, and engagement of subject. Finally there were scenarios and case studies with active participation from the audiences.

General points to note include it is important to provide proper orientation of the situation to police, have in-house emergency response plan, alert police early enforce house rules and put-in-place effective communication.


Following salient points discussed:

  1. Closer cooperation, sharing information on SPF action taken against foreign workers, riot and crowd control, and educating foreign workers to be more law abiding

  2. Regular police visit into the dormitory in addition to patrol car visit

  3. SPF to provide more explanation on any new police requirements included in new dormitories’ tender

  4. SPF to consider allowing sales of hard liquor in dormitory premise

  5. Jointly form task force for future joint cooperation and activities


More than 35 representatives from members’ companies attended this event. There was a general presentation on the operation and maintenance of the dormitory complex followed by questions and answers on actual experiences, rules and regulations and disciplinary actions.  The members were divided into 2 groups for the guided tour of the premise which has facilities like well-equipped gym, ‘wi-fi’ connectivity, and reading and computer rooms. 


Fourteen (14) dormitories have been identified to work with NEA on the Non Littering Campaign over a period of 3 months


Following salient points discussed 

  1. The standardisation of dormitory management and operation

  2. Release of more land for dormitory and earlier information of these releases

  3. Dormitory operator to be allowed its own cleaning staff to stay in the Dormitory

  4. Positive publicity for Dormitory Operators

  5. Tripartite working relationship

  6. Feedback on Dormitory Tender Pre-Qualification and Criteria

  7. Dormitory tender requirements relating to cooking facilities

  8. BCA Officers administration of BCA Managed


DASL has proposed this Standard to Spring Singapore and has been working closely with all stakeholders to prepare the SS/CP for Design, Management and Operation of Foreign Workers’ Dormitories which will be issued initially as Technical Reference. The draft has undergone numerous revisions and has been concluded in Dec 2013.


The Dormitory Association of Singapore Limited (DASL) was inaugurated on 18th September 2012. An inauguration Ceremony and CEO Breakfast meeting was held on 17th December 2012. The Guest of Honour was Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower Mr. Hawazi Daipi. The Founding Members adopted and signed the DASL Foundational Benchmark Standard for Dormitory Housing