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Company NameNo.s of DormsTotal CapacityOperating DormRegionOperating Status
Avery Strategic Investments Pte Ltd (Averic Capital Management P/L)421504• Avery Lodge
• Kian Teck Dormitory
• Tampines Dormitory (TPD Facilities Management Pte Ltd)
• Woodlands Dormitory (WLD Facilities Management Pte Ltd)
• West
• West
• East
• North
Capital Development Pte Ltd217000• CDPL Tuas Dormitory
• Toh Guan Dormitory
• West
• West
Centurion Dormitories Pte Ltd935000• Weslite Papan
• Westlite Mandai
• Westlite Woodlands
• Westlite Toh Guan
• Westlite Juniper
• Westlite Tukang (QBD)
• Westlite Kranji Way (QBD)
• Westlite Tuas Avenue 2 (QBD)
• Westlite Tuas South (QBD)
• West
• North
• North
• West
• North
• West
• North
• West
• West
Draco Venture Pte Ltd19000• North Coast Lodge• NorthFull
ECO Energy Pte LtdFull
Hallton Invesments Pte Ltd12128• Shaw Lodge Dormitory• NorthFull
Hao Da Pte LtdFull
Homestay Management Pte Ltd15888• Homestay Lodge 1• EastFull
KT & T Engineers and Constructors Pte Ltd 11500• Woodlands Lodge 1• NorthFull
Minestone Corporation Pte Ltd423000• The Leo
• Jurong Penjuru Dormitory 1 & 2
• Bluestar Dormitory
• East
• West
• West
Nexus Point Investments Pte Ltd19180• Tuas South Dormitory• WestFull
QIB Facilities Management Pte LtdFull
S11 Capital Investments Pte Ltd218000• PPT 1B
• Changi Lodge 2
• East
• East
Sembcorp Marine Integrated Yard Pte Ltd13616• Alaunia Lodge• NorthFull
Tanglin Corporation Pte Ltd31772• Kim Chuan Lodge (TOLQ)
• Joo Koon Lodge
• SK2 Lodge
• East
• West
• North
Tee Up Capital Pte Ltd14000• PPT 1A• EastFull
TG 25 Pte Ltd125000• Sungei Tengah Lodge• West Full
TS Group820786• 11A Choa Chu Kang Grove
• 13A Admiralty Street
• 19A Admiralty Street
• Acacia Lodge
• Defu Industrial City
• Jalan Buroh Dormitory (JTC Poultry Processing Hub @ Buroh
• Space @ Tuas
• Tuas View Dormitory
• West
• North
• North
• West
• East
• West
• West
• West
Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd321000• Kranji Lodge 1
• Cochrance Lodge 1
• Cochrance Lodge 2
• North
• North
• North

Company NameNo.s of DormsTotal CapacityRegionOperating Status
A N S Plumbing & Sanitary Pte. Ltd1134East Full
A Plus Glass Pte Ltd183WestFull
Accesstech Engineering Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
ACL Contstruction (S) Pte Ltd1230WestFull
Ad-Meth Mech-Field Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Advanced & Best Construction Pte Ltd1150EastFull
Ageis Building & Engineering Pte Ltd1EastFull
Angkasa Daehan Steel Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Arc Urban Services Pte Ltd114EastFull
ASA Contracts Pte Ltd129NorthFull
B S Construction Services Pte Ltd156EastFull
Bee Kong Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Boon Chang Structure Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
BSC Industries Pte Ltd114NorthFull
Busways Pte Ltd1126NorthFull
Changi East Dorm Pte Ltd 1>1000EastFull
Chern Seng Engineering Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Chinsim Trading Pte Ltd1480North-EastFull
Chronicle Venture 151Full
Chuan Machinery Pte Ltd168WestFull
Coliwoo Dormitory Management Pte Ltd1>1000NorthFull
Concrete Innovators Co Pte Ltd1322WestFull
D Wall Pte Ltd610400North-EastFull
DLE M&E Pte. Ltd.132EastFull
E-1 Pte Ltd 1501 to 1,000NorthFull
Ematco Idustrial Pte Ltd1102WestFull
Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd Mfg Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Etrek Network Building Pte Ltd11370EastFull
Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Gim Tian Civil Engineering Pte Ltd1107EastFull
Global Automation And Controls Pte Ltd120WestFull
Good Health Good Life Pte Ltd140EastFull
Greyform Pte Ltd1501 to 1000EastFull
Groutech Systems Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Harford Engineering Pte Ltd145NorthFull
Haru Engineering Pte Ltd1410North-EastFull
Harve Engineering Pte Ltd1>150CentralFull
Heng Huat 72 Construction Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Hiapp Shing Construction Ptd Ltd133WestFull
Hirose (Singapore) Pte Ltd 145CentralFull
Hock Ann Metal Scaffolding Pte Ltd1150WestFull
Hoo Huat Engineering Pte Ltd1>500WestFull
HSE Training Services Pte Ltd119NorthFull
Hulett Construction (S) Pte Ltd1>1,000NorthFull
I Design & Build Pte Ltd140EastFull
Inprodec Associates (S) Pte Ltd110EastFull
Instant Access Systems Pte Ltd1>150EastFull
Interno Engineering (1996) Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
IQuartz Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Jirui Electronics Technology Pte Lttd1>150NorthFull
JK Peterson Pte Ltd1288WestFull
K. W. Construction Engineering Pte. Ltd.1>150WestFull
K&J Engineering Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Kai Yin Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd1151-500WestFull
Koon Cheng Development Pte Ltd1151-500NorthFull
Kwong Ngee Engineering Pte Ltd1>150EastFull
L S Lee Technology Pte Ltd128WestFull
Landscape Engineering Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Layan Management Pte Ltd138EastFull
Lee Welded Mesh Singapore Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Lek San Construction Pte Ltd1151-500NorthFull
Lian Beng Engineering & Machinery Pte Ltd1151-500NorthFull
Lian Hin Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Lian Yick Construction Pte Ltd138EastFull
Lingjack Dormitory Pte Ltd1375NorthFull
Magnificent Seven Corporation Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Megabuilders & Development Pte Ltd180CentralFull
Metal Machines Engineeriing Services (Pte) Ltd1>150WestFull
Modular Technology Pte Ltd132WestFull
Multron Systems Pte Ltd1>150EastFull
Neuhaus Engineering Pte Ltd1400WestFull
Newtech Engineering Construction Pte Ltd130NorthFull
Ngee Cheng Electric Co. Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Nic & Wes Builders Pte. Ltd.1>150EastFull
OES Construction Pte Ltd1489North-EastFull
Omni-Crest Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd177WestFull
Oro Cava Corporation Pte Ltd1103WestFull
Pesko Engineering Pte Ltd1285WestFull
PNH Resources Pte Ltd3189NorthFull
Poh Meng Trading & Cleaning Services Ptd Ltd124WestFull
Poh Wah Builders Pte Ltd41612NorthFull
Poly Vision Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Puretech Engineering Pte Ltd172EastFull
Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Quin Right Enterprises Pte Ltd120EastFull
Ric Dormitory (SG) Pte Ltd1753WestFull
Royal's Engineering & Trading (S) Pte Ltd1>150EastFull
Ryobi Geotechnique International Pte Ltd1NorthFull
Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Scatech Engineering Pte Ltd1120NorthFull
See Hup Seng CP Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Sindecon Aircon & Building Services Pte Ltd154EastFull
Sinya Industries Pte Ltd114NorthFull
Solely Construction Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Solidsteel Construction Hardware & Trading Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Sun Marine Engineering Pte Ltd1250WestFull
SVN Engineering Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
T.K.H Synergy Holdings Pte Ltd1>150EastFull
TeamBuild Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd / WYNCS1984EastFull
Technik Asia Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Teng Hong Holdings Pte Ltd1300NorthFull
Thong On Industries Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
TKK Facilities Management & Construction Pte Ltd120NorthFull
TKT Capital Pte Ltd1120EastFull
Top Pave Pte Ltd 1>150NorthFull
TTJ Design and Engineering Pte Ltd1231WestFull
United E&P Pte Ltd1151-500WestFull
UTOC Engineering Pte Ltd1151-500WestFull
Utracon Structural Systems Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Vindes Engineering Pte Ltd1250WestFull
VITA Group Pte Ltd197NorthFull
Wai Fong Industries Pte Ltd1151-500EastFull
Wan Wang (2000) Pte Ltd1151-500WestFull
Wang Fung Construction Pte Ltd1140EastFull
Wee Chwee Huat Scaffolding & Construction Pte Ltd1>150NorthFull
Wee Guan Construction Pte Ltd1450NorthFull
Wee Hur Construction Pte Ltd1151-500CentralFull
Winwall Technologies Pte Ltd1>150WestFull
Yang Ah Kang & Sons Pte Ltd1194NorthFull
YC Goh Consultants148Full
Yeo Hong Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd1110WestFull
Yongsheng Engineering Pte Ltd1116NorthFull
Zen Dormitory Pte Ltd1362WestFull

Company NameAddressContact NoNature of Business
ADDP Architects LLP59A Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 0884806220 2153Building Design
Ajmal Trade Mart Pte Ltd1 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-05 WCEGA Plaza Singapore 6580646467 1134
9061 0710
Ajmal Trading Group Pte Ltd1 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-05 WCEGA Plaza Singapore 6580646467 1134
9363 6556
Asia Furniture Co Pte Ltd1767 Geylang Bahru #01-05 Kallang Distripark Singapore 3397029138 5333Furniture
Chimeric Technologies Pte Ltd21 Woodlands Close #09-28 Primz Bizhub Singapore 7378549876 7486IT
Eastwest Properties Pte Ltd50G Faber Heights #02-50 Faber Crest Singapore 1292016469 1992
Ez Buy Pte Ltd1 Tampines North Drive 1 #03-05 T-Space Singapore 5285599129 9718
Fresh Laundry Pte LtdBlk 37 Defu Lane 10 #02-43 Singapore 5392149660 8208Laundry Service
Geenet Pte Ltd998 Toa Payoh North #05-10/11/12 Singapore 3189936509 6333
9829 5555
Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd10 Ubi Crescent #05-31 Ubi Techpark Singapore 4085649751 7215Cleaning
Goal Green World187A Bedok North Street 4 #03-42 Singapore 4611878157 3429
HTM Medico Pte Ltd625 Aljunied Road #04-05A Aljunied Industrial Complex Singapore 3898369172 5546AED Device
Hua Da Engineering Pte Ltd21 Kian Teck Road9025 7658Contractor
ISO Delight Pte Ltd212 Hougang Street 21 #01-325 Singapore 5302126487 6387Catering
JF Strategic Management Pte Ltd1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #08-16 A'Posh Bizhub Singapore 7681609477 5121Consultancy
KeepitBrief Pte Ltd68 Circular Road #02-01 Singapore 0494228866 5229Consultant
Mige Furniture Singapore Pte Ltd24 Ean Kiam Place Singapore 4291159106 9286Furniture
Pestimesh Pte Ltd47 Kallang Pudding Road #07-10 The Crescent @ Kallang Singapore 3493188876 8923Pests Control
Phan Nee Trading LLP8B Admiralty Street #06-01 Singapore 7574406481 1567
8407 5555
Progress Abms Pte Ltd7 Tuas South Street 10 Singapore 6370969035 1191Building Materials
Pure Water Dispenser Pte Ltd13 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #03-01 Eunos Technolink Singapore 4159289119 9349Water Dispenser
Singha Singapore Pte Ltd1 Raffles Place #28-02 One Raffles Place Singapore 0486168651 0465
Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd31 Exeter Road Comcentre Singapore 2397329835 8353Telco
SLIFF Furniture (s) Pte Ltd.9 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #03-09 Gordon Warehouse Building Singapore 4178426749 1283Furniture
Starhub Mobile Pte Ltd67 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-01 Starhub Green Singapore 408942Telco
Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd74 Sungei Kadut Street 1 #02-01 Singapore 7293749786 8787
T.M Transport Contractor Pte Ltd11 Tuas South Street 8 TMTRANS Industrial Building Singapore 6370056893 5928
6570 1530
9671 3068
TKB C-E Contractor 3 Pemimpin Drive #05-04 Lip Hing Industrial Building 6253 5422Contractor
U Panel Engineering Pte Ltd11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-94 Northspring Bizhub6254 2073Electrical Works
United Laundry Pte Ltd 192 Pandan Loop #01-26 Pantech Buisness Hub Singapore 1283819729 4598Laundry Service
Vortex Engineering Pte Ltd10 Buroh Street #08-03 West Connect Building Singapore 6275649115 5703Engineering
Wonder Laundry (Commercial) Pte Ltd45 Kaki Bukit Road 2 Kaki Bukit Warehouse Complex Singapore 417860Laundry Service
YC Goh Consultants338B King George's Avenue Singapore 2085739145 4577Consultancy

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