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Transforming Lives: Project Commune – Reshaping Migrant Worker Dormitories in Singapore

Award-Winning Innovation

Project Commune, spearheaded by Dormitory Association of Singapore Limited (DASL) has gained acclaim as a pioneering effort in redefining migrant worker dormitories. It recently earned the prestigious SG Mark Gold Award, underscoring its innovative approach to design and management.


A Noble Mission

The dormitories have collectively provided accommodations for migrant workers for many years and have an understanding of the needs and expectations of their residents from various cultures across Asia.
To deepen this understanding, DASL commissioned AGENCY, a consultancy agency, to use its findings to recommend designs for future accommodations with the objective to continue providing comfortable homes away from home for migrant workers here in Singapore.

We recognize that expectations of standards of living will continue to rise. We need only look at our own expectations of homes to understand that as society progresses and with innovation in the built environment industry, expectations for better housing conditions will follow.

Transforming Lives, One Room at a Time

Over 19 weeks, Project Commune ventured into the dorms, aiming to redefine the living environment of migrant workers. The project’s mission was to enhance the quality of the living environment, foster community engagement, encourage collective ownership of the dormitory experience, and address the challenges posed by elevated expectations.


Guidelines for Change

At the conclusion of the experiment, DASL produced a series of handbooks. These handbooks offer not just guidelines but innovative recommendations for dormitory design and management. They were designed to empower dormitory operators and policymakers to adapt to the evolving standards of living while promoting positive community behaviors.


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Addressing the Pandemic Challenge

The outbreak of COVID-19 underscored the urgency of this transformation. In response, Project Commune introduced a live “show flat” prototype that revolutionized the spatial layout, tools, and roles within the dormitories. This innovation aimed to create a safer and more comfortable living environment for the residents.


Creating Impact on a Macro and Micro Scale

Project Commune extends far beyond dormitory operators. It also reaches government policymakers, inspiring change at both macro and micro levels. This project is a testament to DASL’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of migrant workers and adapting to the changing expectations of society.
Project Commune is a shining example of how innovative design, thoughtful management, and a shared vision can transform living environments and, in turn, the lives of those who call them home. It sets a remarkable precedent for the future of migrant worker accommodations and their essential role in Singapore’s society.


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